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Not a fan of wine tasting? NO problem! We have a package for you.


Looking to do something else instead? 

Try ATVing, ziplinning at Las Canadas or riding horses on the beach! 


Join us! Friday Aug 18th-Sunday Aug 20th for a South of the border adventure weekend full of volleyball, surfing, yoga, wine tasting, plenty of street tacos, sopes, margaritas, dancing and loads of solid fun. 


Progected Itinerary:



Arrive/Check In


Sunset Yoga







FREE TIME-Try ATVing, riding horses or ziplinning instead

Entrance to Papas and Beer



Am Surf




Addionally you can rent horses, ride ATV's and shoot off fireworks from the beach!


Have extra time on Sunday? We can go ziplinning at Las Canadas and explore La Bufadora just South of Ensenada where we can play with lions and jaguars-oh MY!


Join the fun!

Space is limited so add your package or send your $100 non-refundable deposit through PayPal to to reserve your spot today!

Ensenada Adventure-Excluding Wine Tasting

  • This package includes:


    Accomodation for 2 nights for 1 Person (Double Occupancy)

    Guided yoga everyday

    Volleyball Nets and balls 

    Surfboard rental for 2 days

    Entrance to 1 Club-Papas and Beer


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