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8 Day/7 Night
Hiking Adventure

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Active Wellness Adventure

7 Day/ 6 Night Costa Rica



Join us in the Southern, less populated areas of Costa Rica where you will learn the 'Pura Vida lifestyle and the reason this country lies in a Blue Zone making it one of the world's healthiest cultures.  You'll enjoy a daily yoga sesh in the jungle and on the beaches, hike to HUGE waterfalls, surf like a pro on the Pacifics' longest left, explore the Whales' Tale, eat like a Tico(a) and relax where the rainforest meets the beach. 

Adrenaline Junkie Adventure

Day/6 Night Costa Rica​


Immerse yourself in adventure and test your nerve high in the treetops and through the river and the jungles of Costa Rica to the most pristine beaches of the Pacific. 

This adventure features epic zipline with a completely unnerving puzzle course, a race on ATV's through the jungle, relaxing in hot springs before sizzling up the dance floor at night. No CR trip without a trip to the Pacifics' pristine beaches. Join us!!

Micro Coffee Farm Experience

5 Day/4 Night Costa Rica​

Micro Coffee Farm Experience

Immerse yourself in the mountains and culture of Costa Rica, Central America's largest coffee producer. Discover local coffee farm life at micro farms and roasteries in Costa Rica. 

coming soon!

  • HIKING - Summit tallest peak in Costa Rica

  • SURFING - Where the rainforest meets the beach

  • YOGA - In lush tropical forest and in sand

  • COFFEE FARM - No CR is complete without!

  • CULTURE TOUR - In the Capitol

  • WILDLIFE - Discover sloths, monkeys and quetzals

  • WATERFALL - Hunt for epic waterfalls

  • PARTY - Like a local

adventure CALENDAR

Nov 28th '21- Dec 6th '21

Dec 27th '21- Jan 4th, 2022

Dec 12th '21- Dec 19th '21

Jan 9th 2022-Jan 14th 2022

Feb 12th, 2022 - Feb 19th, 2022

Jan 31st, 2022 - Feb 7th, 2022

Feb 20th - Feb 25th 2022

Feb 27th - Feb Mar 4th 2022

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